Guide to Making Money On YouTube

When working from our homes become a norm, people must devise creative and fun ways to make a living online, out of their passion, and without location limits. For many, YouTube is a site where you can spend endless hours watching product reviews, car videos, towing service videos, cat videos, other people playing video games, etc. For others, it is a great platform to make money online. Let’s stick to the second lot.

Becoming a professional YouTuber may sound fun, but you will have a lot of work to do. However, when you succeed, the payoff is huge. If you are an avid video creator, and you are willing to put in extra effort, you will make money on YouTube. Here are a couple of important pointers to take note of.


Create Unique Videos for Your Audience

The first step to becoming a YouTuber is setting up your YouTube Channel and creating videos. Most people who load videos on YouTube do not see a dime. This is because for you to earn, you must attract a lot of viewers. Additionally, your viewers must be willing to engage with your ads. They must be willing to watch a decent portion of your ad before skipping it. If you like creating videos and see YouTube as a source that can be monetized, then there is no need to stop, go for it.


Create a Video Plan

You need to make some decisions about the videos you will be uploading. If you want to gain subscribers and encourage engagement, then your primary goal should be to build a following  that likes your videos and subscribe to your channel, and return to watch your videos. Make sure you understand the audience you want to share. Brainstorm a list of topics and videos that will appeal to your audience. Create a solid schedule for your videos. You are more likely to gain and attract followers if you have a consistent upload pattern.


Enable Monetization

Once you have at least a thousand subscribers and at least four thousand watch hours, you will be eligible for monetization. Once you have monetized your site, sign up for Google AdSense and connect your account to your channel. Follow all the instructions that prompt on your screen to finalize the process.


Load More Good Videos

Now that the basic stuff has been covered, and you have covered the hardest part, next is to continue creating better videos that your audience will love and engage with, as well as gaining more subscribers. Make use of analytics to know which videos are performing the best and replicate these videos to ensure you appeal to even a greater audience.


Promote Your Videos

The first step to having your videos reach a greater audience is to do YouTube SEO for all the videos on your channel. Make use of VidIQ and TubeBuddy to follow their tips, suggestions, and guide. Even when your videos are good, people will not automatically come looking for you. Research on the best ways to optimize your YouTube videos for search so that people find them easily. Share your videos on social media and encourage sharing.

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