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Brio Creations is a proud 100% Canadian owned and operated company with a deep-rooted culture of entrepreneurialism. It was founded by visionaries wanting to help the human kind while promoting local economy. We specialize in manufacturing of non-woven materials and healthcare products. With a large manufacturing facility based out Mississauga, Ontario and strategic global partnerships, Brio is able to provide solutions that make a difference. 

We also have a division that helps customers with their logistics needs. We enable businesses to focus on their marketing while we help them with the operations. We service startups, ecommerce companies, large and small manufacturing companies, and other logistic entities. 

With over 50 years of combined experience, we offer our expertise in manufacturing, after sale support, technical training and sales. We believe in long term relationships and that is the culture we promote both internal and with our customers. We stand with you at every stage of your needs and ensure that you have the support needed to succeed. We take pride in our products and the services we offer.