How to Deal With Boredom During Lockdown

boredMore and more of us are staying at home to slow down the spread of coronavirus. However, being stuck at home with nothing to do can quickly lead to boredom. I found myself with a lot of free time since I could not get out and carry out towing services in Albany so I had to use my free time to come up with creative ways to get busy and productive, as shared in this short piece of writing.

Boredom is real and is an indication that we are not usefully engaged with the world. Boredom refers to an emotional and deep psychological state that is experienced when one is left without anything specific to do and is not interested in their surroundings. Boredom functions as a protective mechanism against emotional pain.

To avoid falling into the trap of boredom and stress, we have come up with creative ways you can adopt while social distancing, to bring joy and fun to your life.

Let’s explore.


Read a Book

Reading a book can take you into a different world for you to explore and imagine. Books tell a lot about people, places and things that you didn’t know about. Reading a book can grow up your interest in something new and make you kill that boredom you might be experiencing. Reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency to allow you to express your thoughts and ideas better.


Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill will help you in learning things faster over the time of your practice. When you stimulate neurons in the brain, extra pathways form and facilitate electrical impulses to travel faster across them as you attempt to process new information. The more pathways that are formed, the faster impulses can travel. This also helps in eliminating any dementia.



During a period of lockdown, one of the best things you can do is to meditate. Meditation helps in controlling your mind and thoughts as well as turning off your mind when you need to. To have a happy life, meditation is very important. Meditation helps in eliminating negative thoughts, anxiety, worries, and other factors that prevent us from feeling happy.

Start and grow a social media channel

If you are a social person and you have something interesting to share, one of the important things you can do today is to start and grow a social media channel. Two of the best channels to grow are YouTube and Instagram, due to the monetization option these two channels give you. Even though the competition will be stiff, with dedication and the right organization, you can gain a lot of subscribers and followers, and monetize your channel.


Look for online jobs

In case your working schedule has been affected, you can add more value to your life by selling your skills. If you are an expert in a particular subject – such as writing, online tutoring, web design, running Facebook and Google Ads, social media management, etc. you can find clients online interested with your services. Top places to find these clients include; Fiverr, Upwork, Craigslist, LinkedIn, social media, and online job boards listing remote working opportunities.

Best Ways to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

investmentInvestors are always advised never to put their eggs (investments) in one basket (security or market), and this is the central concept of diversification. To have a diversified portfolio, you need to have a look at the asset classes that have low or a negative correlation so that if one moves down, the other tends to counteract. When the market is booming, it seems almost impossible to sell a stock for any amount less than the price you bought it. However, since we can’t be sure of the market conditions (just like what is happening now), it is important to have a well-diversified portfolio in any market.

This short guide looks at diversification and the best ways to achieve it.


What is Diversification

Diversification is a management strategy that incorporates different investments into a single portfolio. The core idea behind diversification is that various investments will yield a higher return. It is based on the principle that investors will face a lower risk if they invest in different vehicles.


Ivy League Investment Diversification

Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale have come up with a formula for diversifying investments that seems to be commonly accepted among investors. Their allocation is based on these percentages;

  • 35 Percent S Equity
  • 28 Percent Bonds
  • 15 Percent Foreign Equity
  • 11 Percent Commodities
  • 11 Percent real Estate


Ways to achieve diversification

  1. To achieving diversification you need to ensure your portfolio has different investments.

Any properly diversified investment portfolio should have the following;

  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Mutual funds

You need to purchase ETFs, mutual funds, or index funds. ETFs and mutual funds act as basket f different stocks and give you instant diversification.

Another excellent option is index funds as they include stocks that mirror a specific index – such as the S&P 500. Though diversification may be a little more limited with this type of fund, it is still a sound option to go for.


  1. Diversify within individual types of investments

With this step, first, ensure you pick investments that have different rates of returns. Ensure you invest a decent amount to make the cost of trading worth. If you get a handful of stocks, you will be at risk. When investing in stocks, don’t put a lot of focus on a single stock or just a few stocks, but rather, different stocks in different sectors. It is also important to ensure you have stocks with mixed-income, market capitalization, growth, among other metrics.


  1. Consider investing in varying risk

When you are diversifying your portfolio, pick different investments that have different rates of return. This is done to ensure that significant substantial gains for specific investments offset losses in other investments. A good way to go about it is to look for foreign stocks as stocks from other countries tend to perform a little different as compared to domestic ones.

Lastly, re-balance your portfolio regularly. Diversification is not a one-time task. You should check your portfolio often to ensure you make appropriate changes.