The manufacturers of Forskolin diet supplement have claimed to have better results as compared to the other weight loss products available in the market.
This product is described as the one which is stimulant-free. Moreover, the manufacturer claimed that this product acts as a fat blocker, appetite suppressant as well carb blocker respectively!
However, the claims as made are not enough convincing in the sense that while reviewing, we did not find any medical proof or testimonials, etc., on the official website of this product.

The ingredient of Forskolin includes Chitosan, White Kidney Bean Extract and Glucomannan as explained below -

Glucomannan- It suppresses the appetite of the consumer.
Chitosan- It resists fat absorption in your body. When we eat anything, which has fat then, Chitosan does not let that fat get stored in our body.
White Kidney Bean Extract- It prevents the breakdown of the carbohydrates in our body and thus is helpful in reducing weight. It is a carbohydrate blocker; however, still studies and researches are being conducted on it to know more about this extract.

No information about any other ingredient was available on the official website of Forskolin. With only four ingredients in it, we don’t know if this product will be beneficial.

The below mentioned are certain pros of the product

It can be purchased online from the official website of the product.
If bulk orders are made then you can get some discount on the order you place.
It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The ingredient list is given and explained properly on the official website.

The following are certain important cons of the product

Its ingredients include Chitosan, which is harmful to people suffering from the shellfish allergy.
Claims about Glucomannan which is one of its ingredients, are being made that it has weight loss properties. According to scientists more research needs to be done on this ingredient.
There are many other products too, which use White Kidney Bean Extract and Glucomannan, and so it does not offer anything different and unique.
A strict diet plan has to be followed and exercise has to be done regularly while taking this medicine, which makes it useless.
Some side effects of this weight loss supplement were reported by its consumers.

While reviewing this product we realized that all its claims are useless. This product has nothing special and different. The ingredients that it uses are found in any other weight loss supplement, which has better effect and are cheap as well. Thus we do not recommend this product.

Forskolin is a recently introduced weight loss supplement made certain important claims on their official website.
First of all, according to them, this product helps in increasing strength and energy while inducing the weight reduction process at the same time.
And secondly, the product is also claimed to raise lean muscle. However, no medical proofs, testimonials, etc., are available on the official website.

Forskolin has the following ingredients:

l-arginine- It is an amino acid which helps to feed muscles.
l-glutamine- This one also functions the same way as the I-arginine does.
Calcium- It is good for our bones. It makes our bones strong and healthy.
Citric acid- It converts fat to energy and thus increases your energy level as well as reduces your weight.
Acesulfame Potassium- It is a calorie free sweetener. It adds taste without increasing your calories.

The benefits of using Forskolin are mentioned below

It is easily available. You can find it in almost every other drug store.
It comes in powder form and in two different flavors; thus can be taken easily with water, and it won’t feel like other usual supplements.
Only contains 110 calories per serving, which is a good sign.

The drawbacks of this product are mentioned below

It is basically meant for athletes than the usual dieters as they help only in bodybuilding.
These supplements help in bodybuilding and not in weight loss. None of its ingredients have the properties of reducing weight.
Some side effects like headache; nausea, etc. were reported by its consumers.
Pregnant women should not take this supplement. It can be harmful to both the mother as well as the baby.
A strict diet plan has to be followed, and regular exercise has to be done while taking this supplement, which makes it useless.

This product is definitely not for you if you want to shed some pounds. Moreover, side effects have been reported by some of its consumers, thus it can be risky. There are many other products that you can choose from which are effective and are cheaper than this product. We definitely do not recommend Forskolin as an effective weight loss supplement. .