Endurox excel

Endurox excel is a weight loss supplement which claims to increase your metabolism and help you reduce weight.

It has been further stated that the product is made such to control fatigue and induce the energy level, especially during the workout period. However, during the review we did not find any scientific proof on their official website, which could support these claims as made by the manufacturers.

The ingredients due to which it makes such high claims are Vitamin E and Ciwujia Extract. As per the manufacturers, these are the only ingredients included in this weight loss supplement, and no other ingredient is added. Let’s have a look –
Vitamin E – It is a very important vitamin. However, studies and researches are still being conducted on this vitamin. It helps in the recovery of the muscles after exercise.
Forskolin – This Chinese root is being claimed to have weight loss properties. However, researches and studies have revealed that their claims of drastic weight loss are fake and false.

TWith only two ingredients Endurox excel’s manufacturers claim of losing weight drastically, something, which definitely cannot be trusted upon.

The pros of this product which we found are –
Its ingredient Ciwujia, a Chinese root, helps in increasing alertness.
This weight loss supplement also helps in increasing metabolism of your body.

The cons of this product are many. Some of them are mentioned below:-
It contains only two ingredients, which are not helpful in losing weight.
This weight loss supplement does not suppress the diet of the user, thus may not be so effective.
A strict diet plan has to be followed and exercise has to be done in order to achieve the expected result using this product.
The official website of this weight loss supplement does not have any detailed information about the product.
Use of Vitamin E in this product is not explained properly and there is not any substantial proof that it works in the weight reduction process.

Thus if you seriously want to lose some weight then this is definitely not for you. After reviewing this product, we come to this conclusion that it is not worth recommending as it would be just a waste of your money. Lack of weight-loss inducing ingredients, medical proofs, etc., has made this product doubtful.